Using Free Geospatial Tools and Data Part 6.5: QGIS Documentation

So in the last installment I mentioned that I would do another article on QGIS.  However, after looking, there is such a large amount of documentation out there that I felt that I would just put links to some good online documents so I would not have to reinvent the wheel.  So here are a few links you can use to learn how to use QGIS as these articles will make use of it later on once I go into how to build your own large holdings of free geospatial data.

In addition to these, don’t forget to use your favorite search engine to look for QGIS tutorials.  Youtube also has a lot of videos where you can watch, instead of read, how to use QGIS.


Ok, I admit it.  I did it this way because I’m feeling lazy since I’m sick and figure I would just point to other great tutorials so I can move on to importing data from various sources.