Fun with OpenStreetMap and Open Source

So as part of my pushing OpenStreetMap to people, I made some sample screen shots for a friend of mine who is wanting to move away from paying Google for their maps.  Thought I’d share in case other people want to see what’s possible using OpenStreetMap data for rendering.

For my setup, I have PostgreSQL/PostGIS running on a server here at home.  In it I’ve imported:

On top of that, I’m also running the Geoserver 2.2 beta to provide all of the data as a WMS, WCS, and WFS OGC services.  The OSM data was imported using the excellent imposm tool.  I used the styles from OSMinaBox for WMS styling with some additions I made to the SLDs to make sure additional features were rendered.
The following screen shots are samples I’ve made using some of this data.  I threw them together for Doug so didn’t really do any tweaking to label placements and the like. 
Screenshot 1 – OSM overview
In this screen shot, I used the US Tiger 2011 Counties data set for the background layer.  Plus it helped me to locate and zoom into my areas of interest.  The OSM* layers are all WMS renderings from my local Geoserver install using the above-mentioned SLDs.  OSM_Roads is actually a database view that imposm makes with all of the road layers merged together.
This second screenshot is zoomed in a level so that Geoserver does more labeling based on the SLD rules.
Screenshot 2 – Zoomed in example
On this third screenshot, I overlaid the USGS GNIS file with my own rendering rules inside QGIS.  I basically used SJJB icons under QGIS to make GNIS look a little nicer.  However, the bluish-green dots show I’m still not done with the style in QGIS and once it’s done there I’ll move it over to Geoserver to do the WMS rendering there as well.  
Screenshot 3 – GNIS overview
Here’s my quick post for now.  Just wanted to do a quick showing of how you can make decent looking maps from completely free data.  I apologize in advance since I have no artistic skills whatsoever though 🙂