A Few of My Research Publications

When I was at the USGS I did a lot of research and published several papers.  Now that I have my own website, I figure I can put them online now.  Here’s the first list of papers.  Some of them are final versions of the open file reports, others fell between the cracks when I transferred from the USGS to NGA.

  1. A New Method of Edge Detection for Object Recognition
  2. A Parallel-Processing Approach to Computing for the Geographic Sciences 
  3. A Parallel-Processing Approach to Computing for the Geographic 

    Sciences: Applications and Systems Enhancements

  4. Directed Edge Detection – A New Method for Identifying Objects in Imagery
  5. Distributed Processing of Projections of Large Datasets 

    A Preliminary Study

  6. Extending Beowulf Clusters
  7. A Distributed System for Fast Reprojections of Geospatial Data for 

    The National Map

  8. Model Development and Extraction from Neural Networks 

    Final Report

  9. Processing Large Remote Sensing 

    Image Data Sets on Beowulf Clusters

  10. Using Mosix for Wide-Area Computational 


  11. Beowulf Distributed Processing and the United States Geological Survey
  12. An Intelligent Systems Approach to Automated Object Recognition 

    A Preliminary Study

OK, I’ll Give Microsoft Credit

They’ve come a long way from the “bad old days” of doing GUI apps with MFC under Visual C++ 6 where you had the wonderful “black box” message framework you weren’t supposed to touch but always had to anyway.  I managed to make a GUI app today with Windows Forms to read data off a CAC card so I don’t have to keep relying on the command-line driven app I wrote for testing a while back.  No black boxes, no hand editing message maps, no hand driving message pumps to get things done.  And the cool thing is it might run under Mono too.

While I still prefer Qt for most everything, Visual Studio now isn’t bad for the times I have to write source under Windows.